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The Repulsor

By Repulsor_flashlight

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Ended 03/30/2016

"The Repulsor is a Bugatti in the world of flashlights!"

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The Repulsor project is a genuinely unique torch of a new generation of lights that has a lot of innovative technological novelties. Its power really amazes. The brigth light beam runs through space many hundreds of meters away. The total luminous flux of Repulsor is 7911 lumens. That's more powerful than any other serially manufactured flashlight of the corresponding size. Each flashlight's lens has the beam angle of more than 60 degrees so Repulsor will perfectly illuminate the space ahead of you, leaving practically no dark corners. While looking at Repulsor for the first time, you'll see you deal with something special. Repulsor is created for people who want to have only the best and the most powerful gear of the highest quality. Unlike most flashlights you have to hold in your hands, Repulsor is fixed at the back of your trousers’ or jeans’ belt with the reliable fixing device. Such design is very handy as it leaves your hands absolutely free. All this is possible due to the “Hands-free” technology where the flashlight is not a mono-block but is divided into three elements connected using flexible fasteners. Repulsor project is a new generation light system with genuinely unique technological features. Its power really amazes. Brighter than a car high beam lights, it cuts through the darkness for hundreds of feet. We have created a team to build up a line of hi-tech products for you. Smart distribution of responsibilities and tasks gives us an opportunity to reach assigned goals, meeting the closest deadlines. High efficiency and creative view of things ensure a coordinated work of the whole team so that we always meet your expectations!

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