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The Trouble with Ghosts

By Amy Kessler

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Ended 10/28/2016

"Abby's up against #ghosts in book 3 of Here Witchy Witchy Pre order this #UrbanFantasy today! #Witches #series"

— Amy Kessler and
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Last week to preorder The Trouble with Ghosts, book Three of the Here Witchy Witchy series by A.L. Kessler. Come see what all the fuss is about and preorder today. Poltergeists, severed thumbs, and lies… 

PIB agents Abigail Collins and Nick Averin are rattled when a handful of severed thumbs are found at an abandoned house, but neither of them expected it to link to a decades old murder with strange ties to the paranormal world. When Abby’s greatest enemy seems to be helping her from afar, it’s clear that there’s more to this case than the duo first believed. 

Past cases come back to life… 

Levi is avoiding questions and being even more vague than normal when a new vampire comes to town claiming to be on the case involving blood starved vampires. It’s a fight against time and lies for the two agents.  

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