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The witness of the Holocaust

By Natalia Ghilascu

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Ended 01/25/2016

"Support the film and identify a survivor of the Holocaust in USA and Canada who are originated from former USSR"

— Natalia Ghilascu and
other supporters

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Jews from former USSR who survived through Holocaust and emigrated to

North America share a tragic episode in the history of Europe. 

The film project is going to be the second documentary film produced by a Moldovan filmmaker and journalist, Natalia Ghilascu. It is intended to be screened in Moldova and Eastern Europe, submitted to film festivals in North America.

After the production of the film "The exile from Basarabia" in 2013, which is a story about Roma deportation to Transnistria, the film raised lots of criticism and denial of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Even in schools, just one page of historic books tell about the tragedy where the Nazis tried to exterminate the European Jews, and killed six million, many in gas chambers, were killed and forced to end up their lives in campuses or gettos.

The film project "The witness of Holocaust survivors in North America" is meant to identify Jews from former USSR, Eastern Europe, who survived the Holocaust and who managed to emigrate to USA and Canada. The film will portray the memories of the past of about 10 survivors who showed availability and interest to meet the filmmaker and who now live throughout USA and Canada. Many of them still have untold stories, memories that are valuable to the whole world, especially women that were violated in camps, forced to abort their children.

The film will focus on their challenges to leave European frontiers and will describe new views about American policies at that time, which showed lack of interest at the beginning of 1939. About 10 survivors from Romania, Hungary, Poland have been identified and I hope more other people will get to know about the existence of this initiative. if you are a witness or if you know a surviver, please write me about your story ( +1 602-802-3653

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Created on 2015-11-28 12:29:37