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Thim - Fall asleep faster


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"Introducing Thim. The revolutionary device to fall asleep faster. Help make it happen on #Kickstarter. Now live!"

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Reinventing the wearable device for sleep

We've designed a new smart wearable device called Thim. It’s going to change the how the world sleeps. Never before has there been a purpose built device to help people:

  • Fall asleep faster for a longer night's rest
  • Accurately track your sleep with never before seen accuracy
  • And take the perfect power nap

Yes, really! It’s based on research by Professor Leon Lack from Flinders University. We're really excited about it.

We hope you like it and can help us bring it to life.

Help support Thim We're looking to promote the launch of the Thim on social media on May 25th. We're hoping you can help by agreeing to broadcast this one-time-only message. We'll all share it at the same time and flood Facebook and Twitter as soon as our campaign goes live. You'll be one of the first to see our video and our early bird specials when we launch too.

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