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Understanding Self Harm

By Esther Fixers

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"Casey Deckey is drawing on his own experience of self-harm to show others how they can get support"

— Esther Fixers and
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Casey Deckey is drawing on his own experience of self-harm to show others how they can support those going though similar struggles.

The 17-year-old from Weybridge in Surrey wants people to understand that simply listening to someone could be enough to encourage them to reach out and seek help. ‘I have self-harmed in the past and I know what it is like to feel alone with it,’ explains Casey. ‘There are many people who have been through the same thing.

'I think it’s important that we know how to support them in their journey towards recovery.

‘Greater understanding of the issue could help other self-harmers open up about their problems and know they’re not alone.’ With Fixers, Casey and his team have helped create a film to explain that there can be many reasons for self-harm.

In the animation, wristbands are used to highlight the difficult experiences in life that may lead someone to self-harm. Viewers are then urged to encourage people, who they suspect may be affected, to talk.

‘I feel like we’ve made something that is going to make a difference and that’s what I love about it.’

Casey and his group would like to share their film on social media and in local schools and colleges.

‘I hope people will find the film helpful,’ he says. ‘I want those going through struggles to know they’re not alone. ‘Supporting someone who is self-harming could make a difference and help them turn their negative into a positive.’ For more information and advice, visit, and

This project is supported by Heathrow Community Fund.

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