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Unique Veneerwoodrings

By MiKoWoodcraft

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Ended 01/12/2022

"I started a project to craft unique rings made of old exotic, rare and beautiful veneer. Seal with a special oil."

— MiKoWoodcraft and
other supporters

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Handcrafted Unique Veneerwoodrings for woman or man, green thinking cause old unused exotic and rare veneer, nice tobacconoun from self-produced tobaccooil


Check out all information at my homepage.

Thank you for your feedback.


My name is Michael Kosnar, my personally goal is to show people the hidden beauty of old exotic veneers and their use. Sometimes you would not believe what is possible.

EVERY YEAR so much veneer got thrown away. Such a mess of exotic woods. Most of those got burned and the CO2 is poluting our world. Let us help to save veneer and craft unique rings.



For the project realization i would need old veneers, basic materials for the tobaccooils (nicotinefree), certified diamonds in brilliant-cut and for renting a small wood workshop.

The machine (hands and printing press) for production are already in place.

The veneers are glued under pressure with natural wood glue. The milling, grinding and polishing is done by hand, by a number of strengths, colours and shapes are possible.


Following picture are done at the moment. More will follow.


The rings are treated in a special process with the self-produced nicotine free tobaccooil.

The tobaccooil is distilled from the respective cigars, mixed with precious organic oil and remains durable for years.

This method enables the ring after polishing and pressure impregnation years his scent reserves.

The rings get soft, waterproof and have a higher breakresistence.

broken cigar for aromatic oil
cigartobacco small cutted for destilling

The seal consists of natural beeswax, a repeated polishing with the tobaccooil.

The production in my own home is possible with prolonged production times but not profitable.

Trained staff are already on site. (Familymember)

A report on the current status takes place 1x times per week from the start of production.

The target applies to the use of wood veneers that are actually otherwise destroyed. To use ressources with hidden beauty. The expertise is then passed on to donators in the form of a Quick Start Guide in PDF format for Personal use.

No Campaign Updates. Check Back Sometime Soon.

Created on 2022-12-29 12:06:59