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United For Star Trek Fanfilms

By Lee Quessenberry

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"I am joining a cause (@smallaccesstrek) because I want to see #StarTrek #FanFilms succeed! #FF #FollowFriday"

— Lee Quessenberry and
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Hello everyone! Our first Headtalker was a bit of a miss, but it allowed us to retune our methods and create a new one with a lower goal. We had 109 people sign up to have their voices heard on a previous Headtalker campaign but we were shy of the mark by 391 accounts. Please take your time to pledge as many of your social accounts to our effort this time. We're doing this so we can increase our following and bring awareness to the strict limitations set by CBS regarding the Star Trek Fan Film guidelines. Specifically, by signing up and allowing your social accounts to be the mouthpiece of our effort, you will have our attention and thanks. Small Access Trek is a semi-boycott of CBS' new Star Trek: Discovery and the proprietary CBS All Access streaming channel that it is limited to be distributed on domestically in the United States while the rest of the globe has access to the show via Netflix. We believe that Trek fans will unite around one television or device together rather than on several accounts to send a message of support for the show without the support of our wallets. It is our goal to be recognized by CBS in order to request and negotiate a loosening of the guidelines set for future Star Trek based fan films.

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