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Who is Vortigern Black?

By Delaine Christine

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Ended 08/22/2016

"Suspenseful romantic family drama with a supernatural twist and a mysterious character turned narrator?"

— Delaine Christine and
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Author Delaine Christine 'breaks the fourth wall' by having the story 'Terrible' narrated by an individual claiming the name of  Vortigern Black.   Though the narrator of Kahner RavenCroft's story admits to being a character within the tale, the individual adamantly refuses to lay claim to Vortigern's true identity.  Sighting mysterious and potentially life threatening reasons for the need of anonymity Vortigern sets the scene, drawing the reader in to the story that has just about everything an avid reader might enjoy.   That's right, as Vortigern Black puts it, "...this story has a little bit of everything in it.  Just wait, you’ll see.  It has pain, it has loss, it has heartache, and misery.  There’s a little action, intrigue, mystery, and, believe it or not, a little fantasy.  How so, you ask?  Because the RavenCrofts are gifted.   Of that much I will tell you.  Gifted how, you wonder?  Again, you’ll just have to read in order to find out.  I’m not going to give away everything.  That wouldn’t make this any fun at all."   Who are the RavenCrofts?   They are a close-nit family of six adult children and their father Bastion RavenCroft who all have a love story, or two, to share.  But should their story be told?  Or is Vortigern Black truly taking too much of a risk in sharing the details of their lives with you, the reader?  And why has he chosen to tell all?     Unique doesn't even begin to describe the writing style of Delaine Christine.  This first novella, 'Terrible,' marks the beginning of a collection of stories that will not only have you guessing but anxiously awaiting the next one. This is one novella you won't want to miss.   Pre-Order your eBook copy today.   For more on the author: Delaine Christine's Website Amazon Author Central Facebook Twitter    

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