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Wyrd West Chronicles Serial

By Diane Morrison

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Ended 03/20/2017

"High Fantasy & Western meet & merge in this new Kindle serial! 'Showdown' available @ $1 for March 20 release!"

— Diane Morrison and
other supporters

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In Queenstown, an untried youth is the only one who can face down a notorious Desperado. But Graeme Walsh is not a Gunslinger: not yet. Will his training and his secret sorcerer's powers be enough to get the drop on the Outlaw, before the Outlaw gets the drop on him? Welcome to the Wyrd West, the world next door, where Western meets high fantasy, apocalyptica and a dash of steampunk. This novelette serial will be published bimonthly in e-format, with collections published in print format once a year.
  Westerns have always been a guilty pleasure for me as a fantasy/sci-fi reader.  People are always surprised when they hear that I like them.  But it's not hard to see why when you think about it!  Westerns are stories of people who may not fit the expected molds of society trying to live by a personal code in a setting that presents a different culture and technology from the present.  Isn't that what fantasy is all about?  When you think about it, Westerns and High Fantasy are a perfect fit!   In the Wyrd West, Gunslingers are holy warriors of a militant order, trained in the deadly art of gunfighting and blessed by holy powers to fight the forces of darkness.  The Wyrd West is full of monsters, some of them in human guise, and the Gunslingers protect people from their depredations.  They kill so that other people don't have to.  Desperados are their sinister reflections, giving themselves to the service of the dark powers the Gunslingers stand against.  Follow the adventures of Gunslinger Graeme Walsh, his sister Piper, and their companions in a world that is both delightfully strange and eerily familiar!   I decided to publish this series in novelette serial format online because magazines don't want novelettes anymore (too big) and book publishers don't want novelettes either (too small).  But I believe in this series, and I believe you'll enjoy it, and that's what independent publishing is all about!  Help me spread the word, and support indie authors so that unique stories continue to have a venue and a voice!   If you've never seen Headtalker before, don't worry, it's new to me too.  How it works is that people pledge to support the campaign with their social media accounts.  By doing so, you authorize Headtalker to post the message that brought you here ONCE only.  If you use a few different social media platforms, you can support it more than once.  If I don't get at least 25 backers, it doesn't happen, but if I do, all the messages go out at once and maybe this becomes a trending topic!  It costs you nothing but a few moments of your time, but your support means the world to me.  How about it? :)   Check out the Wyrd West Chronicles Takeover & Launch Party March 18-19 on Facebook!

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Created on 2023-03-02 17:53:17