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HeadTalker Academy is the place to learn how to have a successful message.

1. Learn

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2. Spread the word

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3. Success

Reach your goal and go viral!

HeadTalker is a way to share 1 message with unlimited people at the same time.

HeadTalker is a way for you to use the power of the crowd to help share what matters to you. When people support your HeadTalker, they are donating their social media voice to you. When your Supporter Goal is reached, your message and link will be automatically shared by all of your supporters on the time and date of your choice. This is helpful because it allows you to reach new friends and followers that you possibly have never been connected with before.

HeadTalker Message

The first thing to do when creating your HeadTalker is to think of your message. This is the most important part of your HeadTalker because this is the message that all of your supporters will be sharing on their social media accounts. If the message is unclear or does not grab the reader’s attention, your link has less of a chance to get clicked on. Remeber that your message can only be 140 characters long including your link. It is also smart to use hashtags in your message to have it appear in that hashtag category to gain more views.

Supporter Goal

Your Supporter Goal is the number of people that you want to reach in order for your HeadTalker to be successful and shared. When you are choosing this number, you want to make sure that is a number that you feel comfortable with. Your Supporter Goal can be any number between 1-500. It can also be raised or reduced if you need it to be. Remember that you can always pass over your Supporter Goal, but your message will not be shared if you are under your goal.

End Date

The end date is very important to your HeadTalker because this is the amount of time you have to reach your Supporter Goal. If you do not reach your Supporter Goal by the end date, your message will not be shared. Your end date can be up to 59 days from the time your HeadTalker is published. If you need your time extended or reduced, contact us and we will help you make the changes.

Message Link

This is where you put the link that you want people to click on when your HeadTalker message is shared. This link is shortened by us once your HeadTalker is published so it fits inside the 140 character limit. Make sure your link is pointing to exactly where you want it to because you will be getting clicks once your HeadTalker message is shared by your supporters.

HeadTalker Title

The title of your HeadTalker is also important. This is how you grab the attention of people who are on HeadTalker looking around. If a person sees your HeadTalker and the title helps them understand what you are trying to accomplish, they might click on it and add their support.

Featured Photo

This is the photo that will be displayed on your HeadTalker widget. This photo combined with your HeadTalker title could help you get more supporters that visit HeadTalker. Once you upload your Featured Photo, make sure to click “Crop” at the bottom of the photo to get it to look exactly the way you want it to.

Edit Your Story

This is where you can write more about why you have created your HeadTalker. Here you can include text, images, and even videos to help your potential supporters understand why you need their help.

Background Image

This is the image that you can have as the background of your HeadTalker to give it your own custom style. The bigger the image is, the better it will dispaly as your background. Just like the Featured Photo, make sure to click “Crop” at the bottom of the photo to get the image to look exactly how you want it to.


This is the email that will be notified when your HeadTalker is published. This is the email that will also be notified if your HeadTalker is trending!

Giveaway (Optional)

You have the option to host a giveaway for your HeadTalker. We have personally seen that cash is a great incentive to get people to support your HeadTalker. Please keep in mind that you do not have to do a Giveaway, but you can do one if you want to. The winner is selected randomly from your supporters.

Always be promoting.

Here at HeadTalker, we are always promoting our site to get new people to visit us and potentially support your HeadTalker, but we cannot do it alone. That is why it is important for you to be sharing your HeadTalker as often and with as many people that you can. Together we can work on making your HeadTalker successful!

Ask Everyone

This tip is pretty self explanatory. HeadTalker is free to use so it does not take much to get someone to support you. We have seen that if you kindly ask someone to help support you, include some simple instructions on how to join, and the link to your HeadTalker, you will gain supporters.

Facebook Commenting

When you click on someone’s HeadTalker there is an area where you can leave Facebook comments. After you add support to their HeadTalker, you can leave a comment such as, ” Hey I just joined your awesome HeadTalker, will you join mine (Your HeadTalker Link.)” This will let the HeadTalker creator know that you are helping them so they are more likely to return the favor.

Tweet to Creators

When you click on someone’s HeadTalker, sometimes they include their Twitter username. You can click on their Twitter name and it will take you to their Twitter profile. You can find HeadTalker Creator Twitter Accounts under their HeadTalker’s Details ( HeadTalkers, Social Reach, Time Left ) on the right hand side. Their Twitter Account will be under their Profile Picture. From there you can tweet to them something like, “Hello @username awesome @HeadTalker, I just joined yours. Will you join mine (your HeadTalker link.)”

HeadTalker Facebook Group

Join the HeadTalker Facebook group and share your HeadTalker. This is a great way for you to connect with people on Headtalker who use Facebook.


Embed Your HeadTalker Widget

Embed your HeadTalker widget onto your website to gain more attention online and receive more supporters. Just go to your HeadTalker and click on Embed underneath the blue social media buttons.


Emailing potential supporters is always a good technique to gain support since you are personally asking someone to help. We have seen that the simpler the email, the better response you will have. Your email could look something like this:

Hey (Name),

I just started a HeadTalker and I was wondering if I could get your support. HeadTalker helps me get my message shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr. It’s free to support and all you have to do is click my link (add HeadTalker link) and then click one of the blue social media buttons to add your support. After you click one of the blue social media buttons, click “Add Support” on the window that pops up. Follow the steps until the blue social media button you clicked turns green. Thank you so much for your support!


(Your Name)

It is also smart to put your HeadTalker link in your signature of your email to allow more people to see your HeadTalker link. If you are in a conversation with someone and they keep seeing your HeadTalker link, they might click on it and give you their support.


We have seen many supporters come directly from Reddit. Search through the different Subreddits to find one that relates to your HeadTalker. When you post it, make sure to tell the a little about why you are doing the HeadTalker, include some instructions on how to join, and don’t forget your HeadTalker link. Reddit has a very strong community on there and if they like what you’ve posted it has the potential to help you gain new supporters.

Pitch the Press

The news stations and local news stations have the power to get your HeadTalker to the masses. No matter if your HeadTalker is small or large, journalists are always looking for something to write about. Their next story may just be about your HeadTalker and include a link to help you gain new supporters!

HeadTalker is a way to share 1 message with unlimited people at the same time.

It’s important to keep your supporters up to date on what is going on during your HeadTalker. Your updates will allow current and future supporters to know how things are going for you and the progress you are making on your HeadTalker.

After Your HeadTalker

One way to keep the momentum going when your message goes off is to engage with the supporters who shared it.   Retweeting, favoriting, and liking your posted messages as fast as possible is a great way to boost the message even more!

Once your HeadTalker is successful and your message has gone viral, take some time to say thank you to the people who helped make it happen. You can either post an update saying thank you or reach out to them through social media. Either way it is a great way to make someone feel special for giving their social media voice.