Cancer Card Prescription

“A humorous and supportive card prescription filled each month. Because Cancer doesn't end when treatment does.



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Warrior Cancer Cards


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The prescription that EVERYONE with Cancer needs filled. Warrior Cancer Card Prescription is a thoughtful, often cheeky card sent to them each week or month that makes them laugh, feel loved and know they are not forgotten. We sign, seal, stamp and send all printed cards straight to the recipient. Our motto is “Laughter is a medicine with no side effects.” Please share with friends and complete strangers to help this project bring a little laughter and sometimes inappropriate messages to those fighting like hell every day.

“Remember to still be there a few months after the diagnosis, when it’s not so new anymore. The fanfare will have died down, but your friend will still be struggling and needing logistical and emotional help.” ~ Elana Miller, MD

By signing up for this headtalker campaign, you are bringing laughter and joy to Cancer Warriors doors. We are so close to making Warrior Cancer Card Prescription a reality, but we need your support to complete our mission of never forgetting a Cancer Warrior.


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