““NOW LIVE on #Kickstarter! The incredibly intuitive, lean-to-steer, stand-up electric scooter by @cycleboarding!

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Coming soon to Kickstarter: The incredibly intuitive, lean-to-steer, stand-up electric scooter with two front wheels and a single rear wheel.

Before we launch we’re giving away a FREE CycleBoard to ONE lucky winner!


The World’s First Electric Scooter with Multiple Riding Styles That Fits Every Ability

The patent-pending CycleBoard, with dual front wheels and a single rear wheel design make for a unique and intuitive riding experience.

CB Main

Unique Design: Our stand-up, 3-wheel design offers a modern and innovative twist on traditional electric scooters. Enhanced stability and smooth carving are some of the amazing benefits.

Intuitive Steering: The CycleBoard is a new kind of electric scooter that pairs steering with your natural instinct to move. It’s a vehicle that integrates your balance and reflexes creating a feeling of stability and oneness with your CycleBoard.

Portable: The CycleBoard’s unique design ensures easy transportation and storage. Drop its handlebars down to “Trolley Mode” and the scooter can easily be brought on a train, elevator, up/down stairs and can be stored in your trunk, closet or anywhere in your home or office.

Personalized: With a swappable deck design and a variety of deck options to choose from, you now have the ability to personalize your CycleBoard and make it your own style!

Safe & Easy To Ride: While most scooters are unstable and run the risk of accidents with sharp turns, water, cracks in the road and more, CycleBoard’s dual front wheel and single rear wheel design ensure safe riding up to 20 mph with multiple riding styles.

Affordable: The CycleBoard is less expensive and provides stronger performance and safety than its competition. At roughly one-seventh of the price of a traditional Segway, the CycleBoard is the most complete electric scooter on the market!



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