I had a stroke in June.

“I'm getting better. Made me realize I have a few projects still to go. Supa Bunnee® helps kids and kids with cancer http://bit.ly/YSEr8P



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Supa Bunnee® is a tool, a technology and a plush toy

Scientifically designed stories are delivered in a safe, cuddly and anchoring environment. These stories are based on the latest neuroplasticity  research, behavioral and psychosocial developmental theories. (Piaget, Erikson, Watson, Kandel, Schwartz, Jung et all.)

Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt., & Michael Glock Ph.D, have developed a smart Bluetooth enabled plush toy - Supa Bunnee®.  Positive behavioral change for your child can now be accomplished by using supportive developmental stories that are downloaded and delivered to the child that:

  • Provide age specific stories to decisively accomplish developmental milestones such as overcoming fears and ending bed-wetting or learning to sleep alone.
  • Overcome early emotional impairments such as lasting sadness, grief and disorganization in response to trauma, loss and early personal rejection.
  • Develop literacy and numerical skills, curiosity, self-direction, persistence for learning, cooperation and conflict resolution.
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