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“How to Live, Love And Work Abroad No Matter Your Situation. New Book is 99 Cents This Week! #Kindle #books #travel

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Our new book will officially be launched on March 22, 2016. To celebrate, it will be on sale for just 99 cents until April 2.

bikerchickAre you ready to go global?

Whether you are firmly planted in your familiar hometown or are already making plans for your exotic wedding in India next December, this book will help you connect with this great and wonderful world that we share with 7 billion+ others in your own way, in your own time, and at your own pace.

Full of true stories, inspirations, hard-won advice, and sneaky tricks, this go-to guide will help you bring the world to your own doorstep when you can’t get away, inspire you to take your first trip outside your hometown, and get you started studying, volunteering, and working abroad on the right foot. Then, if you really get into the thick of things, you might find yourself actually falling in love, getting married, and even giving birth abroad. What then? Been there. Done that.

Authors Kristen Palana and Jacqueline Seidel are female travelers and expatriates with decades of experience living, studying, backpacking, volunteering, working, and parenting abroad. Get their perspective when you no longer know what to say when people ask you where you are from and as George Costanza from Seinfeld would shout, “Worlds are colliding!”

Welcome to the world of becoming more worldly. Let’s get you started on your own unique journey!

  • 2023-03-01 01:56:48
    We are now up to 90% supported. Thanks to all who have supported and shared. Please also consider staying in touch via the Facebook Group connected to the book at:
  • 2023-02-29 00:37:39
    Our campaign is just 24 hours old and is already 43% supported. We are also trending on Headtalker, hanging out with Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, among others on their home page! Thanks so much to everyone helping spread the word about our new book: Free At Last: Live, Love, and Work Abroad as a 21st Century Global Citizen. Best wishes and many thanks, Kristen and Jacqueline