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“The ALS Is An Advancement In Personal Vehicle Safety. Check Out The #Campaign On #Kickstarter:

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The acceleration limiting and smoothing device (or as we like to call it, ALS) is an innovative car safety device designed to save lives. What the device does is to limit the ability for the accelerator pedal to be depressed sharply/quickly.

By doing this we are able to prevent injuries from accidents that involve the accelerator being intentionally/unintentionally floored.

When fitted to a vehicle it will help prevent the ‘elderly’ from mistaking the accelerator for the brake. It will also help to prevent burnouts and hooning. Learning to drive becomes much easier with ALS as well; it gives learners a much smoother driving acceleration profile preventing ‘bunny hops’.


ALS is a low cost passive device simply fitted to any vehicle with a regular accelerator pedal. ALS prevents the accelerator pedal being depressed quickly. With normal accelerator action no difference to the driving experience is apparent apart from a smoother, and with slightly more accelerator back pressure.

ALS device’s ‘smart valve’ recognizes a sudden sharp depression to the acceleration pedal and will instantly close blocking the air from escaping, preventing further pedal movement. The valve remains closed until the accelerator pedal is released, at which stage the valve opens allowing the pedal to operate as normal.


  • Unique low cost passive safety device
  • Can be simply fitted to any vehicle in a few minutes
  • Prevents unintentional/intentional accelerator pedal flooring
  • Abnormal accelerator pedal action signaled to the driver by AV indication.
  • Smoother pedal action and superior driving experience
  • Improved vehicle handling on difficult road surfaces
  • Doesn’t require regulatory approval for installation or alter any other vehicle function
  • No vehicle function/performance altered apart from initial acceleration
  • Fail safe. Not connected to vehicle systems. Fits all types of vehicles
  • Low cost, retro-fitable device
  • Designed and engineered in Australia





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