Lori Leak Is Girl Power!

“Lori Leak Travels to Paris. New Girl Power Adventure is 99 Cents This Week! #Kindle #books #children https://hdtk.co/VXKFk

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LORI LEAK TRAVELS TO PARIS is a true girl power book about a daring, intelligent, curious and sassafras girl who explores the European city of Paris. Traveling with her family from their home in the United States of America, Lori Leak lands in Paris and takes it by storm. Children reading this story will get an experience of a lifetime, seeing the sights of the City of Lights from the perspective of a child who knows how to make the most of an opportunity!

If there is a child in your life who is learning English, this book is an excellent and fun way to learn the language!

This delightful story is now being offered for a limited time for only $.99 on Kindle download. It is a great time to buy and download your copy and then if you love it THAT much (and both the author Barrett Clemmensen Powell and illustrator Kristen Palana promise you will), you can buy the gorgeous paperback as a keepsake book for your child’s library.

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