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Lost Hope aims to be a comedic sci-fi epic with mature themes and dramatic overtones. Said to be a mash between Star Wars and Archer, Lost Hope’s creators Jeff Saamanen and Natalie Harvey are shooting for the galactic stage in their satire of all things sci-fi.

Both as a couple and as creators, Jeff and Natalie have worked together over the past fifteen years towards their common goals, which include: A graphic novel called Worlds Beyond the Grave, a live action pilot called 4Villains, a mini series called Hench’D20, and now Lost Hope.

Over the last few years, the two of them have dedicated themselves to completing pre-production of the first four part epic. This includes scripting, casting, voice-over recordings, full character rigs, 3D sets, props and more!

“We didn’t want to bring Lost Hope to Kickstarter empty handed, with just an idea and high hopes. We wanted to ensure we had a fully realized plan for production before asking for your help!” - Natalie Harvey

Lost Hope stars a talented group of voice actors, including Michael Hurst, best known for his role as Iolaus in Hercules and Xena, who also recently directed Ash Vs Evil Dead on Starz. Also involved is Marisha Ray who appears in Critical Role on Geek & Sundry, and Vince Caso who starred as Bladezz in Felicia Day’s series The Guild.

“We have lots of stories to tell, playing out as situations of interpersonal turmoil, as well as the events set on the galactic stage. We want to dive deep into our characters backgrounds, and watch as they struggle to support one another, to survive what may very well be their extinction.”
- Jeff Saamanen

In a galaxy of full of awesome adventures, Lost Hope will stand above the rest. Watch their trailers, behind the scenes, making-of videos, and all things Lost Hope over at LostHope.tv

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