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As you can probably relate, finding top quality clothing with fine craftsmanship and care is a rare commodity. When everything is mass-produced it is hard to get a unique piece that was made with care. That is why the Samia Yousif Brand and clothing line was created to offer: dresses, suits, and separates for women. Each one of our pieces is an original design created by our designer and founder, Samia Yousif. She believes that every piece has its place and purpose. No matter the season, whether at work or after, a woman should always radiate elegance. Her slim-fitted, clean-cut collections are gracefully designed to inspire admiration while remaining comfortable, chic and sexy. For that added touch of luxury, the finest fabrics -whether from Switzerland, Italy, or elsewhere - have been carefully selected to care the most stringent demands of the modern woman. Your generous funding will help us continue to realize our concept. It will assist us with the cost of further development, manufacturing and production. Samia Yousif aspires to inspire!

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