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The Jewish Innovation

Beth Sholom Congregation in Frederick, MD, is hosting the Fifth Annual Casino Night fundraising event on February 7, 2015. This festive event has been well received by members of the synagogue as well as general members of the community. It has proven to be a means of creating a sense of community and promotes visibility of the Jewish culture in the greater Frederick Area.

Our goal has always been to cover the expenses for the event prior to it and for the past four events we have had to scrounge and scrape to do so. This year, we invite you to be a part of our campaign and join us in this significant fund raising effort.

The Impact

Beth Sholom, a Conservative Movement-affiliated congregation, offers numerous educational and worship opportunities, social and cultural activities and community-oriented events for members and nonmembers of all ages. We encourage our congregants to take advantage of the many avenues of participation we offer. Jews have had a presence in Frederick since 1742 and Beth Sholom has been an integral part of the Jewish Culture since 1917.

In our desire to keep the traditions strong, it is necessary to continually raise revenue to support our on going endeavors. Fund raising in this economy is reliant on attracting event participation from outside our congregation to assist us in keeping these customs alive from one generation to the next.

What the money is for

The money raised from this crowd funding campaign will go towards the direct expenses related to Casino Night. Our expenses include the cost of the casino event company, food, DJ, and prizes. Any funds raised will help ensure the success of this event.

Proceeds from Casino Night go towards the education, religious and spiritual development for our community, to safeguard the future of Judaism in Frederick. In the past this event has enabled the congregation to host cultural events that cater to our membership as a whole, but especially for our younger members to learn about and carry on the traditions of Judaism.

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