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You’re In. With or Without Phone.

Ultraloq UL3 BT smart lever lock is designed to be RealKeyless for maximum flexibility and convenience. You are free to use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock. You can just knock on your phone twice to open the door, even when it’s in your pocket. You will be never be locked out again!


RealKeyless vs Keyless

Advanced Fingerprint Identification

Everyone’s fingerprint is unique and no one can steal it from you. Our advanced fingerprint technology uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensor to make unlocking easy and secure. 95 fingerprints can be enrolled. Identifies you in less than 0.5 second and works well for kids and the elder.


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Connectivity

Your smartphone is now your key. Just unlock your door using the Ultraloq App on your phone. Ultraloq UL3 BT uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means that Ultraloq will keep working even in the event of power or internet outages.


Anti-peep Password

“Anti-peep password” ensures that strangers can’t steal your password by looking at worn-out keypad digits or watching you nearby when you enter the password. This function allows the user to type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.


Hidden Key

3 mechanical keys for backup. A keyhole is positioned specially on the bottom to give extra security in case of keyhole hackers.


Knock to Open

You don’t have to open app. Just knock on your phone twice, even when it’s in your pocket and you’re in.

IP65 Rated

Complete protection from total dust ingress and water spray from any direction.  Ideal for indoor and outdoor installation.


Up to 1 Year Battery Life

3 AA batteries. Up to 8,000 times access. Low battery alerts on LCD and App. Innovation in clutch design makes UL3 more reliable but 50% less power consumption than traditional clutches.


Ultraloq App

Keyless Entry 

Ultraloq App enables you to unlock your door with your smartphone. Ultraloq supports the iPhone 4s (or newer) and Android 4.3 (or newer) phones with Bluetooth 4.0.

View Users

Knows who has the access to your lock and how. 


Log Record

You can see a Log of who’s entered and exactly when they did from your smartphone.



When you install a new lock, just use Clone to transfer all users in one shot.

No Phone? No Problem!

You can always use your finger or code to unlock even without smartphone. For user management, just use touchscreen to simply add or delete user on the device. A LCD with intuitive information will walk you through the whole operation process.


Strong Outside. Stable Inside.

Designed for DIY Installation

Battery operated. No wiring. In about 10 minutes, you are ready to go.


More Features


When you reach out your hand to touch the keypad, Ultraloq will be activated automatically and ready for your entering.


When you place your finger on fingerprint sensor, sensor will be activated automatically and no need to press any key to awake the lock from sleeping.



Automatically relocks after 4 seconds; no need to remember to relock the door.

How does Ultraloq Work for You?


Tired of forgetting or losing your key?

More options. Fewer headaches. With Ultraloq, you have the flexibility to use your finger, code or smartphone to open your door. Now you will never be locked out again!


Your employees quit without returning their keys?

No more waste of time and money replacing locks or exchanging keys. Just take few seconds to delete their fingerprints or codes.


A rent home owner?

You can manage all renters’ access and share them code for their temporary stay. No more key losses. Both you and your renters will have peace of mind.

Keep kids away from where gun is stored and protect your valuables 

Our advanced fingerprint technology can keep your kids away from guns and protect valuables in your home office, home to garage door, wine cellar or storage room. Your fingerprint is unique and can never be forgotten or stolen.

Colours Available

Door Requreiment

Where are we now?

Fully functional Ultraloq UL3 BT prototype is ready. We plan to start massive production in January. We can guarantee the delivery of all Indiegogo Pre-order in July 2016. U-tec team has already completed all hardware work, including hardware & firmware design and product tooling. We are working on improving Android/iOS Ultraloq App for a better user experience.

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How to Get Your Ultraloq for Free?

We are have extra rewards for you, our backers – an Ultraloq Referral Contest which is very simple.

If 3 of your referred friends buy one Ultraloq, you get refund of 50% of one Ultraloq.

If 5 of your referred friends buy one Ultraloq, you get refund of 100% of one Ultraloq.

* Shipping cost is not included in refund.

Who can join?

You must be a Ultraloq contributor on Indiegogo. Each contributor has a unique Indiegogo ID and unique referral URL.

How it works?

1. Log into Indiegogo.

2. Visit Ultraloq campaign page and you will see your unique link on the left to our video.

3. Simply click the Link icon below to copy your referral link with your unique ID.

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7. You are also able to track referral progress through your personal account dashboard. Check Indiegogo’s official guide for details.


Why Indiegogo?

We believe that this is the best and most efficient way for us to get our latest product to the people who want it most: people like you. We want to hear from you and make sure that what we deliver is actually what you do want! 

U-tec TeamIt’s all about you. We pride ourselves on having a fully in-house multinational team of engineers, designers, marketers and product specialists. Each department works tirelessly to develop top-quality products. We have a passion for turning technology into simple and cost-effective solutions that benefit everyone, not just the very rich or extreme technologically savvy. We love what we do and the people we do it with. 

We focus on revolutionizing your everyday products. Anywhere, anytime connectivity with simplified and intuitive functionality is what you can expect in U-tec smart products. U-tec dedicated team will stop at nothing to make your life easier, more secure and more enjoyable.


Risks and ChallengesU-tec team has more than 10-year experience in product design and development, meaning that we are well aware of the potential risk of delays due to issues with designs or supply chain.

To minimize the risks, we have carefully reviewed Ultraloq for more than 30 times in all details. From mechanical parts to electronic components. In addition, we have our own 54,000 square feet factory in Shanghai China to ensure delivery time and quality.

Though ‘Hardware is Hard’ and there are always risks in the manufacturing of any product, we’re confident that the U-tec team has the experience and knowledge to overcome any issues we face in order to deliver this amazing product to your doors.

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