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“I created this Fundanything page to ask for help with my current unemployment status. https://hdtk.co/1DnCM

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Lookout John

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I am Peterson Lawrence from the Commonwealth of Dominica, 24 years old with an Associate’s degree in Computer Studies and Finance. It has been almost 8 months since I have had a job. Since august when a tropical storm devastated my island, several businesses have closed and employment opportunities has come to a near standstill (especially government jobs which has ceased altogether). Though it is expected to pick up in the coming months.

Currently I have almost no money in my account that is why I made this crowd funding page to ask for financial support; to allow me to make bill payments and afford meal purchases, medication as well as transportation while I still search for employment.

At the moment I am getting by, by doing some tech support around my neighborhood, helping with farm work and assisting with moving materials on a building site.

Thanks in advance for simply listening to my story and more so for any donations.
- See more at: https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/un-employed-seeking-assistance#sthash.YBoko4ya.dpuf

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